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I miss my subscription.  It's true, you don't notice how much you used it till it's gone.

in REAL news:
I am wondering how interested, if at all, you guys are to see my school work.  I posted that one piece from illustrations but i have this backlog of paintings, mostly, as my drawing class is nothing exciting right now.  But we're getting into our final projects now and i dunno if I should be bothering you guys with it...?  I think I'll just make a separate folder for it in my gallery etc, now i just need a decent camera for photographing...

In other news, just to let you guys know, school is going FABULOUSLY, SO much better than last year.  life is good and stuff.
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...which is why you haven't seen me a lot recently.  i've been busy sketching on REAL paper.  
so for that i apologize. my favouritest person in the world (crazylilfreak) just returned as well which has inspired me to grow a pair and answer my freaking MESSAGES! which is why you have recieced 1-month late comments and thanks from me, if you have.  I feel really badly about ignoring all of you, i've been kinda wrapped up in my real-world problems, mostly silly predictable teenage girl problems (side note my b-day's on the 25th!  YAY 18!!!!) but problems nonetheless.  So i'm dreadfully sorry i've been ingnoring you and have decided to get back on the wagon.  so to speak.  What inspired this change? well, something very important has recently happened to me:
i read harry potter 7.
lololol jokes.
(no i'm not kidding.)
i finished a couple of hours ago and i'm kind of stunned but it seems that all these images are just like DRAW ME DRAW ME DRAW ME.  i am just so mad inspired right now it's not even real.  but as a result of having finished the books, my hp art now has spoilers.  i want to post it anyway as i am v. proud but for whatever reason, *SKIP TO HERE FOR THE LEGIT POST AND NOT RAMBLINGS* previews (when i use psd) do not work on my computer so here is a plea to all of you:
what kind of file type (s) do i have to use for a successful preview?

i depart with this shameful pimpage: the more advice- the more art!

p.s. i also apologize to those of you who i have waiting collabs with- i haven't forgotten you!!!
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stolen meme YAY

Sun Dec 24, 2006, 5:41 PM
um yeah still working on that header.

stolen from :iconcrazylilfreak:
so you comment (NOW!) and then the first ten people (if i get that many comments har har har) i choose three of my favouritests pieces of yours and pimp you.  yesssssss.  
and then if i pimp you, you have mem pimpage on YOUR journal.  it's one big love circle (ORGY).  ...of whoreness but that is far far beside the point.
i make no sense right now.
anyway crazylilfreak did me so now i get to do all of youuuuu!!!

oh i am so looking forward to this. joy.


first off my secret Putneylover :iconcobaltandcalcium:
I don't even know where to start.  One of the few people here on deviantart who i actually KNOW.  and i am SO glad i do.  while his drawings are aMAzing and engaging (i'm still waiting for you to post that comic you made over the summer!!!!) the majority of his gallery is of his phenomenal photography (ALLITERATION!)  There's no way words can do justice to this boy's art, you'll just have to decide for yourselves.  
i keep telling myself by CobaltAndCalcium pull it tighter by CobaltAndCalcium prequel-sequel by CobaltAndCalcium
okay actually i'm also HAVING to include rubberneck by CobaltAndCalcium even though it's cheating because A) HE"S SO HOT and B) i'm still a little in love with him, even if he IS a total douchebag.  

no. deux, the lovely and tallented :iconilsung:
i've known this girl since i started here on deviantart, met her through OC, i believe.  and WHAT a tallent.  It seems ridiculous and slightly condescending to say i've watched you improve but it's so true.  Your art has become nothing short of breathtaking, from your simple oekakis to intricate graphite illustrations.  Each of your pieces has its own feel and emotion, in the expressions of your characters and the expression of your style.
32 - night by ilsung

STILL RUNNING i only have like 3/4 people.  COMMENTCOMMENTCOMMENT!!!!

soon to be footer

my fantastic friendeis!!!! (in alphabetical order)
:iconashwara: :iconazzuri27: :iconbaiddeviant: :iconpervyangel: :iconbluebeauty875: :iconcanonfodder: :iconcaptain-harrington: :iconcharles-burggraf: :iconchenria: :iconchristmassocks: :iconcobaltandcalcium: :iconcomfortablylaura: :iconcoupekiwi: :iconcrazylilfreak: :icondemonred21: :icondragonsun1990: :iconpierrebernut: :iconesicardi: :iconeva-black: :iconfauvee: :iconfrench-teapot: :icongh-mongo: :icongreendesire: :iconhydrargyra: :iconilsung: :iconkheleksul: :iconcbernie: :iconlika-san: :iconlinnzy: :iconlostsoul627: :iconmadcarrot: :iconomnipotentone: :icontatsku: :icontigerman-exe: :iconxyai: :iconyambe-akka:
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Devious Journal Entry

Wed Dec 20, 2006, 9:39 AM
um yeah still working on that header.

I HAVE OFFICIALLY COMPLETED MY GOAL FOR THIS VACA!!! (making the lineart for khel.)  In doing so, i have also created my first real lineart in the history of ever.  i am obscenely proud of myself.  now i shall move on to other collabs (bluebeauty, darling, i have NOT forgotten about you!!!!) and requests.

on another note- have been fooling around with my profolio, making it all nice.  and i want to know- are you guys at al linterested in seeing some of my traditional work?  i've kind of just been posting my digital (LAME) stuff here but people have been asking recently to post some of my traditional stuff.  so i want your opinions.  
i think i'll post one or two, but don't base your decisions on them as they are going up here anyway and much better than my average traditional stuff!

i <3 vaca.  i think i will make a new goal to actually make a holiday drawing, as i feel all respectable artists do.  (LIES.) but it IS another goal.  

soon to be footer

my fantastic friendeis!!!! (in alphabetical order)
:iconashwara: :iconazzuri27: :iconbaiddeviant: :iconpervyangel: :iconbluebeauty875: :iconcanonfodder: :iconcaptain-harrington: :iconcharles-burggraf: :iconchenria: :iconchristmassocks: :iconcobaltandcalcium: :iconcomfortablylaura: :iconcoupekiwi: :iconcrazylilfreak: :icondemonred21: :icondragonsun1990: :iconpierrebernut: :iconesicardi: :iconeva-black: :iconfauvee: :iconfrench-teapot: :icongh-mongo: :icongreendesire: :iconhydrargyra: :iconilsung: :iconkheleksul: :iconcbernie: :iconlika-san: :iconlinnzy: :iconlostsoul627: :iconmadcarrot: :iconomnipotentone: :icontatsku: :icontigerman-exe: :iconxyai: :iconyambe-akka:
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The World is a Very Odd Place.

Sat Apr 22, 2006, 9:05 PM
Currently working on a brand spankin' new header, now that i know what it is!

as i just mentioned, the world is a very odd place.  I guess i could say that I've met 4 art theives in the past three weeks.  but i'm not so sure anymore.  ex-user Quixoticartist was said to be an art-thief.  this may well be true.  But in his last journal entry (… if you want the whole story)
he said: (and i quote:  )

Please visit :icontoerning: her art is unloved and needs more attention. Don't put anything you think I've done on her. Just appreciate her art.

He also mentioned some other artists to give :hug: s to.
I can't tell you what happened in my head when i saw that.  You know that feeling when you're reading a really good book and you just know someone's going to die and you think you know who and your stomach is all clenched up and then someone completely different dies?  and then's that feeling.  that was a really roundabout way of describing it but it's the only way i know how.  I guess i felt...honored.  And relieved.  And respected.  And...recognized.  I guess waiting and honestly working does pay off.
I hate to be as trite as to say that this has made me doubt myself, or change my views or anything.  but it did.  

the world is such a fucking weird place.

p.s. YAY FOR 300 VIEWS!

ditto footer
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Regarding Art Theft

Sat Apr 22, 2006, 6:41 PM
Let's find out what, exactly, a header IS.

Okay i have a question for all of you, and then a rant:

what is it with art theft??? Since i've become active on Deviantart (less than a month,) i've encountered personally 3 (3!!!!) art theives.  That's a week.  And I have had my art stolen, and then thoroughly dissed by the theif.  What is it with stealing art?  skehrkrow said on one of these art theive's pages:

"I don't understand how so many people spend so much time stealing art and pretending it's theirs? If they spent as much time working on their own skills, they could be brilliant by now, but no, it's easier to lie and pretend."

which I believe is a really good point.  I'll admit, it's hard to get recognition around here.  but you take it day by day, and realize that the 4 comments you got are actually four comments...four people stopped and liked your piece enough to write something to you.  It's nothing compared to 400, but if i got 400 comments on every single piece simply because i had a big name around devart, how much would it be because i have a big name, and how much would it be that my art is actually appreciated?  And i wouldn't be able to respond to any of them!  I can't tell you how many pieces i've seen with thousands of faves that are actually quite bad and it's just because so and so is well-known.  
But eventually it comes through (i'm hoping.)  It's not like a lot of people are reading this, it's not as if 275 pageviews is stellar.  but it doesn't mean i'm not proud of it.  
I think probably that art theives are just really really insecure.  they're the kind of people who are willing to get any kind of attention.  but i ask you: do they REALLy think it's going to work?  I mean, Deviantart is a huge place, but do they think that no one is going to recognize it?  it's really sad.  Anyway, i guess i really pity art theives, but that doesn't mean i condone them.  

Of all the things to steal, i truly believe that art is the most heinous crime.  It's the closest thing you get to personality theft.  And in light of that, i fullly support the mockery and bitching out of art theives.  *grabs torches and pitchforks* LET'S GO!

p.s. this is the LONGEST journal entry EVAR!!!!

Let's find out what a FOOTER is!
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Just finished the quarter at school, which means absolute ART DUMP!!!
also, when i didn't have free time, i've been doing a lot of little doodles, so check out my scraps sections in the next few days, i'll be periodically loading them.  

thanks for your encouragement in the mean time!
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This is me starting over.  Where I get to post all my nerdy artsy goodness, and where no one but me knows who I am.  I can't wait.